Romance and Roses

What’s more romantic than a wedding?  It’s a day filled with the exhilaration of new beginnings, romance and love.  And a great way to convey all that romance is with the timeless rose.  When my good friends Laura and Jim asked me to design the flowers for their wedding, they new that a classic, timeless and romantic feel was what they wanted for their special day.

Using a pale palette, creamy white, beige and soft pink roses paired with hydrangea was what I used to design the bridal bouquet.  The bouquet was a wonderful compliment to her gorgeous lace gown and radiant smile!DSC_0586-2724334876-O


The colors, look and feel from the bridal bouquet were carried over into the reception décor spilling a bit of romance on each table for her guests to enjoy.  IMG_0171When thinking about the flowers for your wedding, remember that roses come in a variety of shades, from the palest pale white to the deep, rich and almost black red.  And every shade in between.  Better yet, roses are available all year-round, come in different shapes and sizes and are priced affordably to work with almost any budget.


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